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USDA Building

Rapidly changing regulations and market trends are creating a significant need for research to ensure the safety of ready-to-eat food products. The burden-of-proof for ensuring product safety is continuing to increase for food processors, who must, in many cases, prove the safety of a product/process via either inoculated challenge studies or validated microbial models. However, the vast majority of food processors lack the facilities or capacity to meet this need. The application of basic research results (at the level of a Petri dish) to a real-world process (at the commercial, manufacturing level) is simply too great of a leap for processors to make without evidence that the results can be scaled-up. USDA facilities we develop ensure that your business meets all regulations and codes. In a typical food processing facility, there are dozens of machines working to package meats, poultry and fish safely. Every type of food requires a set of regulations to be thoroughly followed. USDA buildings should be built to accommodate these specifications to a point. We pride ourselves in building only the finest facilities.

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