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Full service commercial refrigeration services and systems have been the business of Super Cool Refrigeration for over 30 years. We provide a wide variety of cold storage construction and industrial refrigeration solutions for any business in the Los Angeles area. By providing the right solutions and refrigerator systems for customers throughout the area, we have a long established reputation for being the best in the business of commercial cooling.

For any cooling need whether it be an industrial ice machine, freezer doors, a custom food processing facility, or other commercial refrigeration need, we at Super Cool Refrigeration offer the right solution for every business. Along with our fantastic products, which are built, tested, and installed by our courteous and professional service team, we offer customers the peace of mind of 24 hour emergency services should the cooling units ever need service or repair.

Because we create custom cooling solutions and refrigerator systems, we are able to be brought in during the planning phase of construction to know what the needs of the business are going to be. Once we understand the needs, we are able to confidently and efficiently create a cooling solution that is right for the business and is convenient, appropriate and as energy efficient at possible. This part of our business sets us apart from much of our competition and has allowed us to be the top name in refrigeration and cooling needs in the Los Angeles area for over three decades.

We advertise turn-key solution to any cooling needs. Once we have properly installed the cooling system that is right for the needs of the business, the refrigeration system is ready to use and take full advantage of, lessening the time needed in waiting for the refrigeration units to be installed and operational.

We at Super Cool Refrigeration are the right option for any and all commercial refrigeration and cooling needs in the Los Angeles area. With our comprehensive testing prior to installation, turn-key installation, and 24 hour support and service we offer the best service and support in the industry for any company to take full advantage of.