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Spiral Freezer

The spiral freezer minimizes product weight loss and assures gentle handling during the freezer process. Because products can maintain their original load-in position throughout the freezing process, sorting after simultaneous freezing of mixed, different products is simplified. Low operation cost compared to C02, nitrogen and other freezers. This is achieved by utilizing the most efficient mechanical refrigeration method, combined with our new unique low-pressure, high velocity, impingement horizontal airflow recirculation system. The horizontal airflow assures the coldest air is continuously scrubbed heat from all sides of the product. One most economical freezer offered in its class. Every component of the freezer is manufactured in our well-equipped engineering and manufacturing facility; we can afford to pass on the savings to our customers without sacrificing quality. We begin with a standard design that is carefully customized to meet most standard needs. However, we can also custom design our equipment to individual customer's requirement. The freezers we sell, deliver and install are often fully tested at our facility before shipping to the customer. They are ready to be placed and connected to refrigeration, electrical, and water service, as they are all components of the freezer. An important note is that all our products are built to USDA specifications and regulations. It has a stainless steel construction with easy access to sanitation and maintenance.

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